5 Best Grocery Sites For a Gluten-Free Diet

If you are unable to have gluten in your diet, it can be hard to go out to eat. Even grocery stores can be difficult to shop for as you struggle to find gluten-free items.

Some stores cater to people with allergies, making specific sections or providing a document that lists all their items free of gluten. But what if there was an easier way?

Some online stores cater directly to those that are gluten-free. Other companies may provide a whole range of diet options as well as causes you can shop to support.

These allow you to make the best choice for you and your diet, with transparency about the products you are purchasing.

Keep reading to learn more about our top five grocery sites that cater to gluten-free diets.

Supermarket Online Stores

If you want the ability to go and pick up gluten-free foods as well as have them available for pickup and delivery, supermarkets and their online stores may be a good option.

Some stores, like Trader Joe’s and Stop and Shop have their gluten-free items listed in a separate part of their website, so you always know what you are getting is gluten-free.

Other stores may offer you a list of gluten-free options when you type that into their search bar, such as Kroger supermarkets. Some stores, like Publix, offer a lot of options but do not separate any of the items from their regular products, so you will always have to double-check before purchasing a product.

The Gluten-Free Mall

The Gluten-Free Mall has a wide range of items that they sell. Though they describe themselves as having gluten-free food, they also offer a wide range of other foods, such as vegan, kosher, dairy-free, and even organic.

They do have some companies that are not officially listed as gluten-free but provide products that most can enjoy.

Mostly, they offer pantry staples and frozen foods, so if you want fresh produce, you will have to go somewhere else.

They provide a lot of unique items that aren’t available anywhere else, and many people that have tried it find it delicious. However, some say that the price is sometimes high, even for gluten-free foods.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is another option raved about by a lot of people that have issues with gluten. Similar to the Gluten-Free Mall, they allow you to search by your dietary restrictions.

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However, you can also sort by cause. For example, if you want cruelty-free products, you can search for items that don’t harm animals.

They do not offer any fresh produce, but they do offer some frozen options. Also, they offer a wide range of household and beauty items which can also be sorted by gluten-free options, letting you get beauty products that work for you, along with your food.

There is a $60 membership that can turn away most customers. However, the amount of savings that come from using Thrive thanks to their numerous sales and discounts easily can make up for the yearly cost.

Their money also goes to good use, helping out local programs, and giving away free memberships to those in need.


Vitacost offers gluten-free, paleo, dairy-free, and vegan options in their store. Most people believe that Vitacost is only for vitamins, however, they offer a lot of food and staple options.

For those with other allergies, they even offer corn-free, egg-free, kosher, preservative-free, and more.

They are often fairly low cost, though they do have more expensive options, and provide items from a lot of familiar companies such as Bob’s Red Mill, Arrowhead Mill, Free2b, NuttZo, Zing Bars, and many more.

They have a wide range of categories, allowing you to find a lot of your household and kitchen items in one online store.

Directly From Suppliers

Another option is that you can buy products directly from suppliers. Stores like Promise and Kinnikinnick offer to ship directly to customers. This is nice if there is a certain product or company you enjoy.

However, if you want to try something new, or need items from a variety of different suppliers, this can be a little expensive, and you may have to pay shipping costs from several places to get everything you need. They usually only have a narrow selection, such as bread and cakes, instead offering everything from chips, to snacks, to frozen products.


There are many more options out there that provide gluten-free food. However, these are the ones most recommended as they are trustworthy, open about their companies and products, and provide great customer service in case anything goes wrong.

Hopefully one or more of these grocery store options will work best for you, and you can find foods you can eat and enjoy.