Thrive Market vs Boxed

Today, there are many different options when it comes to ordering your groceries online. If you are trying to eat healthier and want to buy more whole foods, who is the best choice? There are a wide variety of stores online, so it can be difficult to decide.

Two popular options are Thrive Market and Boxed. If you want to save money, be sure to check them out. Thrive Market is an online grocery store and Boxed is a wholesale store, which makes them pretty different from one another. Which one will better suit your needs for buying healthy groceries online?

Here is what you need to know about the two!

How Do Boxed and Thrive Makret Compare?

Thrive Market requires that you become a member to order from them. They sell healthy food 25% to 50% cheaper than retail stores.

So, if you are looking for a new way to buy your groceries, they would be the perfect choice. Thrive Market sells household items and plenty of pantry staples.

Making the switch from your local retailer could save you a lot of money on health food.

Boxed specializes in bulk orders. They offer pet supplies, snacks, and household items. If you need to stock up on something, then they would be a good option for you.

They do not charge a membership fee either and many of their customers think they are better for bulk orders than Amazon Prime.

Since this is a wholesale store, you can expect to find a lot of their items for cheaper than if you bought from a retailer. This makes them a good option for when you need to buy a lot of something.

For instance, you want to have a lot of water bottles for an outdoor gathering- Boxed can supply them for cheap.

There is a lot to compare between these two brands. Keep reading if you need help deciding between Thrive Market and Boxed!

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Cost Comparison

First, you will want to know the price differences between these two online groceries. Thrive Market is known for having very low prices, which you could benefit from even after your first order.

The brand stated that on average, their customers save $32 per order.

If you are buying weekly groceries from them, that can add up fast. Their products fall into a range of 25% to 50% cheaper than what a retail company would sell them for.

There are also a lot of benefits that come with your Thrive Membership fee. The company offers you a refund if you do not save the full membership cost on your groceries by the end of the year.

Current Thrive Market Promo:

You will receive the difference in Thrive Cash, which can be used on any items on the site.

That way, you know you are saving money with them. Not many grocery stores offer that deal. The company will also give a low income family a membership if you sign up. This is a win-win for everyone.

Finally, you can receive 25% off your first Thrive Market purchase, free shipping, and more benefits with your 30 day free trial. We recommend that you try it out if you are curious.

Boxed offers name brand products at a whole sale price. They have plenty of popular brands and make it more convenient to shop in bulk. CNBC compared Boxed to Costco to figure out if you are actually saving with boxed.

In general, it actually seems like Costco is a lot cheaper. Still, if you want to shop for bulk items online, Boxed is another option to consider.

When Thrive Market is compared to Costco, it beats a lot of their prices. Plus, Thrive has a lot more gluten free and organic pantry options than Costco.

Thrive Market is better for certain diets as well- they allow you to easily filter their hundreds of keto, paleo, and vegan foods with ease. You can shop by diet, which is very convenient for a lot of people.

So, when comparing costs, the best way to save money on pantry staples is Thrive Market. Thrive does charge an annual membership, but it works out to a little less than $5 per month.

They will also refund you the difference if you do not save more than your annual membership cost. Their discounts are also significantly better for health foods. Thrive Market is going to save you money.

Customer Service

Next, we made sure to check the reviews on these companies’ customer service. When it cam to Thrive Market, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Their members loved their products and grocery delivery services.

When something went wrong, customers were able to reach a customer service team easily. They are always available and ready to assist with anything that they needed.

Thrive Market’s customer service is excellent because of this. You can feel comfortable shopping there.

Boxed also has some pretty positive reviews. Customers thought shopping with them was simple and they enjoyed the wholesale prices. The delivery was also prompt and their products arrived undamaged.

Their customer support team is also very responsive and available. When a customer’s products were lost in the mail, the company made sure to resend them their food. The team seems to also be reliable.

Overall, both of these online stores do their best to make the shopping experience pleasant for you. Their customer service teams are very helpful and able to correct any issues with your products.

You can feel secure shopping with both of them.

Product Selection

Thrive Market is the better choice if you plan on shopping for organic foods or products. They also have plenty of green, vegan cleaning supplies. All of their products are sustainable and properly sourced as well.

Plus, Thrive Market has a wider product selection for certain diets. If you are vegan or following keto, you can be confident that they have organic brands for you to try.

The site also makes it easy to break down their products by category, making it easy to find organic brands when you have dietary restrictions.

Like Thrive, Boxed carries groceries, household goods, and health supplies. Boxed has more of a focus on supplying you with bulk, wholesale items than knocking items off a grocery list.

You can still conduct a lot of shopping here, but be sure to keep that in mind. Their costs also work out to be slightly higher than the Thrive Market cost.

You will find name brands like Lysol, Doritos, Nestle, Gold Peak Tea, and many more. Their stock is always changing, so you will want to visit their online store.

They do have some organic products, but they are much harder to find. You can also buy a lot of personal care items from Boxed.

Is Thrive Market Owned by Amazon?

This is a question that comes up a lot when people are considering shopping with Thrive Market. Thrive Market is not owned by Amazon.

In fact, the two are direct competitors now that Amazon owns Whole Foods. This worked out very well for Thrive Market, since they were always trying to be cheaper than Whole Foods- even before Amazon bought the online grocery store.

This creates more competition, which is beneficial to consumers. In order to gain your business, the brands are going to lower their prices to compete with one another.

The Thrive Market brand now has their own line of products, which cost way less than Amazon’s Whole Foods items.

Amazon also is likely to change the products that Whole Foods offers over time. They want the store to be a top national grocery chain and not a special grocer. That means that they will offer less healthy, organic items over time.

Thrive Market, on the other hand, is continuing to add more and more suppliers to the Thrive Market brand. You can expect them to offer more than Whole Foods in the future.

Thrive Market even makes sure their shipping is within two days, something that puts their convenience up there with Amazon Shipping.

So no, Amazon does not own Thrive Market. Thrive Market considers Amazon as their competition and is doing their best to stay ahead of them in the natural grocery business.

The Thrive Market membership costs a lot less than Amazon Prime, making it cheaper to order healthy foods from Thrive across the board.

Is Thrive Market Better Than Amazon?

If you want to order health foods at a low cost, then a Thrive Market membership is much better than shopping with Amazon. Thrive Market is an online health foods grocery store. They specialize in selling their members products for specific diets.

You can easily sort through gluten free, organic foods, and even baby food on their site. Their products are all organic, natural, and healthy.

You have a wide selection for any specific diet; Thrive Market prides itself on being inclusive to many different food restrictions.

While Amazon does have a lot of food options, they are not all organic. Whole Foods does have those choices, but not nearly as many as Thrive Market does.

If you want to compare the two, you will want to try out the 30 day free membership that Thrive Market offers on their site. As a free gift you receive 25% off your first order and shipping is free- all great reasons to test out the trial membership.

If you notice you are saving on organic products for home cooked recipes, you can always wait to buy their membership after the first purchase. That way, you can spend some time thinking about it first.

When you do decide to but, Thrive Market will share a free membership with a veteran or family in need. This company believes everyone should access low cost, healthy foods, which is why the membership to their site is so cheap.

At the end of the day, we would have to say that Thrive Market has a lot more healthy products than Amazon does. Plus, they offer you 25% to 50% off all retail prices- just something else to consider.

Do You Really Save Money With Thrive Market?

Of course! In our Thrive Market review above, we mentioned that the company makes sure you save money. Thrive Market offers a special guarantee that ensures you never waste any money on your membership. Other brands do not offer refunds to your subscription, so it is best to use that guarantee when you can.

This deal should help to offer you some more peace of mind when it comes to joining Thrive Market. Even if you do not save money, you will receive the difference back in Thrive Cash.

All of their items are 25% to 45% off the retail price, so you should be able to easily save money anyway. Still, we greatly appreciate that they offer this guarantee.

The company stated recently that their members will save around $30 on average per order. If you order groceries each week, or even every few weeks, that adds up into a lot of savings!

Thrive Market said their mission is to make healthy, organic foods more accessible to everyone. They stick by that ideal with their pricing.

Wrap Up

Boxed and Thrive Market both come with their own benefits. However, we would have to say that Thrive Market is the better option for saving money on a tighter grocery budget.

While Boxed does offer some great bulk and wholesale deals, Thrive tends to be a bit cheaper. Their membership even is not that much and you can use it to access a wider selection of products.

No matter what you need, you should be able to find foods for specific diets on Thrive Market. They have plenty of options for vegans, the paleo and keto diet, and gluten free diets.

Overall, this company has so much to offer you. If you are interested in browsing through their items, we recommend that you test out their 30 day free trial- you might enjoy all of the savings you see!

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