Thrive Market vs Imperfect Foods

Are you looking for a new online grocery store to shop with? These types of shops offer whole foods, without the hassle of having to go grocery shopping.

It is no wonder that they exploded in popularity recently- and continue growing. However, there are plenty of options out there. How do you know what online grocery stores to use?

Two popular options include Thrive Market and Imperfect Foods. Both make grocery shopping feel less like a chore and something exciting to look forward to.

As a bonus, they both will save you a lot of money buying whole foods. But, which options is better?

In this article, we will be comparing these two online grocery stores. After reading, you should have a better understanding of which option would be better for you. Let’s begin!

How Does Imperfect Foods Compare to Thrive Market?

Both are similar in that they are an online store for grocery shopping. The Thrive Market site offers a wide selection of organic, healthy food, which is delivered right to your door.

They offer fast grocery delivery and are very pleasant to work with. We are sure that you will enjoy the high quality brands that this site has to offer.

If you buy groceries each week, this store could also replace your weekly trip to the grocers. It saves time and money for many people, plus it is very convenient for buying food.

Imperfect Foods does not charge a subscription fee for their service. The company is dedicated to ending food waste and offers you discounts on imperfect groceries.

They offer produce, snacks, and other types of food. Overall, both are great options for ordering groceries online. You should be able to find everything that you need at each and have it delivered to your door.

We are going to break these food services down further below.

Customer Service

To start, we are going to be comparing each company’s customer service. Thrive Market always goes out of their way to assist their members.

Current Thrive Market Promo:

If something goes wrong with your first food box, then be sure to reach out to them. They are always available to help.

Many other people feel this way as well. Thrive has received plenty of positive feedback online, with many mentioning that their customer service was great.

Overall, Thrive’s customer service should have your confidence.

Imperfect Foods’ site on the other hand, has mixed messages concerning their customer service. It is not uncommon for their boxes to be missing items.

Many have had to contact their customer service team to have them send another box with the rest of their order. Others received random, additional items or even wrong items.

Customers also had issues with spoiling food, like they did with Misfits Market. While the brand is working to reduce food waste, that does not meant people want to receive spoiled fruits and vegetables.

Product Selection

Thrive has a very wide product selection, especially when compared to other online grocery stores. They do not offer imperfect produce, but you should be able to find anything you would need on a regular grocery shopping trip with them including, chicken, pasta, fruit, and more.

Thrive is the perfect site for meal planning and will bring your groceries right to your door. This makes it simple to shop with them. Plus, their website is well organized and comes with extensive filtering features.

You should be able to find everything that you need with them. If you can not find something, their kind staff will be able to assist you.

When it comes to Imperfect Foods, they definitely have a wider selection than Misfits Market. Although, they still do not have quite as many groceries as Thrive.

Still, Imperfect Foods is focused on providing imperfect produce items. These produce pieces are usually considered too “ugly” to sell by retailers.

You can save a lot of money by buying produce big stores do not want to sell. However, you are also risking buying produce that is close to spoiling.

You will want to keep that in mind. Still, their delivery service is quick and they have a decent amount of food to offer. Their boxes are not random, like Misfits Market is.

That means you can also use Imperfect Foods for meal planning.

Comparing Costs

You will need to sign up for a monthly membership with Thrive. It is only $60 a year or $5 per month. This is a great deal.

While Imperfect Foods does not charge a membership fee, they can not offer you as quality a service as Thrive. So, you are getting a high quality service for about the cost of a coffee each month.

Many Thrive members love the benefits they get with their membership.

Best of all is that Thrive makes sure you save money. If you do not save your membership fees by the end of the year- they will refund the difference in price to you.

They give you Thrive Cash, which you can use to purchase groceries and other items. This feature makes it well worth checking them out, since you have nothing to lose.

Additionally, for each person that buys a Thrive Market membership, the brand gifts a membership to someone in need. When you sign up, you are helping another person access quality, cheaper groceries and other products online.

Your first box also comes with some additional benefits and you receive a one month free trial with Thrive. There are plenty of reasons to order delivery services from this site.

Imperfect Foods is also a great, cheap online option. You can save a lot of money by purchasing your produce from them.

They do not charge a membership fee, but their shipping costs are much higher. It can cost between $8 and $10 to have your order brought to your door, which may undo some of your savings.

Still, many people prefer paying additional shipping over shopping in person.

Is Imperfect Foods Really Cheaper?

Imperfect Produce can be worth the price tags. If they deliver to your area, you may want to try it out. They offer a ton of produce that you might enjoy, as long as “ugly” produce does not bother you.

If you enjoy meal planning, but hate grocery shopping, they have a lot to offer any one. It is generally a win-win situation with online grocery stores.

However, you will need to be sure they can deliver products to your zip code. Some users mentioned having delivery problems with this company, where their order was not shipped on time.

Although, many think it is worth it due to the lower cost of produce. It is also easy to shop for a large family through them.

The biggest downside is the customer service. If your experience does not go well or something happens to your delivery, you might have trouble getting it fixed.

The store makes it a bit difficult to fix your box and you will need to contact them to receive your missing products.

Do You Really Save Money With Thrive Market?

You do! If you want to design a new, healthier meal plan, be sure to visit their website. The store offers a lot of discounts on their items, no matter the category.

If you want to change how you grocery shop, this would be our first choice.

Thrive Market will calculate and track all of the savings you make with them. Then, if you do not save the cost of your membership within a year, they refund you the difference in price.

This feature is amazing and can give you peace of mind. If you somehow do not end up saving with them, you can receive funds for grocery shopping. That is what makes them so easy to try out- they offer an amazing experience and ensure you save money while doing it.

Whether you are new to the site or a Thrive veteran, they offer this feature to all their members.

Is Imperfect Produce Worth the Money?

If “ugly” fruits and veggies do not bother you, then they are well worth the money. You should not feel bad about adding them to your grocery list- they will save you a lot!

These products are usually just an odd shape, nothing that will alter the taste.

For those who enjoy cooking with produce and love organic, whole foods, then buying imperfect produce should be worth it to you. These foods are only cosmetically damaged- they should not be spoiled or rotting and are safe to eat.

They might be a funny color or shaped a bit weird, but they should still taste fresh and delish.

Many brands are appearing online where they scoop up imperfect produce, then sell it online for a much cheaper price. Some of these online brands can sell fresh produce to you at 40% lower than the retail price.

If you buy a lot of store produce, you would notice a significant drop in your grocery costs if you swapped to buying “ugly” produce only.

Still, you will need to be careful where you purchase imperfect produce. Some online grocery stores can not get it to you fast enough and the food goes bad before it even makes it to your door.

Still, if you and your family love produce, going imperfect could save you a lot.

Is Thrive Worth It 2021?

Yes, we would have to say that it is! For the low cost of $5 per month, you gain access to quality grocery items in every category imaginable.

Their website makes it easy to browse through all of their options. Plus, they always carefully package their boxes and ship them ASAP.

Thrive is worth it for their refund policy alone. If you are nervous about ordering a grocery box online, hopefully knowing that you receive your savings difference at the end of the year makes you feel more confident in this website.

You can always expect to save when you order boxes through Thrive because of this grocery policy.

Overall, Thrive is worth it now more than ever. People are trying harder to shop from home.

Visiting the grocery store each week can be a lot to deal with right now- but you can let Thrive handle your grocery shopping for you. Their members always look forward to receiving their boxes!

For a detailed breakdown of everything you could want to know about Thrive Market, check out our full review.

Wrap Up

We would have to say that Thrive Market is the better option out of these two brands. While they do charge for a membership, you can always expect to receive the difference if you do not make savings.

Plus, this price ensures that you are receiving top quality customer service, which Imperfect Foods tends to lack.

If you are interested, Thrive Market does offer a free trial. You will be able to spend 30 days determining if this website is for you. Your first box will also come with some benefits.

They sell all sorts of products- fruits, vegetables, chicken, and plenty more. If you have been looking for the best home delivery site, then it would have to be Thrive delivery.

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