Thrive Market vs Grove

There’s no question that both Thrive Market and Grove Collaborative have something unique to offer consumers. In this Grove Collaborative vs Thrive Market review, we’ll be looking at the differences between these two companies so that you can make an informed decision as to which one best fits your needs as a shopper.

Grove Collaborative is really convenient. But then again, so is Thrive Market. These innovative companies let you do your shopping from home, after all. It doesn’t get much easier than that! But it’s what they offer that separates them.

You see, Grove Collaborative doesn’t sell food, whereas Thrive Market does. And in an age when more people are looking for ways to stay indoors, online grocery shopping is a hot commodity. Right away, that places Thrive Market ahead of Grove Collaborative.

Not only that, but Thrive Market offers many of the same types of products as Grove Collaborative. Doesn’t it make more sense to do all of your shopping from one online store? It’s certainly more convenient.

You’ll save time in doing so, and potentially more money. How is that you ask? Let’s take a look.

Do You Really Save Money With Thrive Market?

Like Grove Collaborative, Thrive Market is an online store. But where Thrive excels is it offering both household products and health foods. So, do you really save money by shopping with Thrive?

As a Thrive Market member, you can look forward to getting big discounts on the items you buy. In fact, some items offer up to 50% off!

That equals out to huge savings. And if you spend at least $49 on your order, Thrive Market’s policy is that you get free shipping.

What’s more, Thrive Market also has an excellent membership guarantee that ensures you get paid back for the cost of the membership fee. Essentially, whatever you spend over the course of a year (the length of Thrive memberships) goes toward your membership.

If at year’s end Thrive Market’s discounts haven’t saved you the cost of your membership fee, Thrive gives you that money back in the form of Thrive Cash that you can spend with them toward food and any other products.

Thrive Cash

This digital currency gets added to your account at the end of the year, but you’ll need to start another annual Thrive membership to take advantage of the Thrive Cash.

Sure, it would have been nice to get that money back in another form, but if you’re planning on shopping with Thrive Market anyway, it really doesn’t make a difference where it goes as long as you get it.

And then there are the philanthropic gestures that Thrive Market offers. You see, whenever they get a new paid annual Thrive Member, Thrive Market gives a low-income family a free annual membership in return. And as per Thrive’s rules, this can include a veteran, teacher, student, or first-responder.

It’s nice to see this in today and is a testament to Thrive’s desire to better the planet. Not only does the company help a family in need save money, but they are also committed to keeping the earth safe.

None of Thrive’s warehouses produce waste, and that’s a big deal.


As a Zero-Waste company, Thrive also ensures that all of its packaging is recyclable. As such, everything that Thrive Market sends you can be recycled.

Current Thrive Market Promo:

What’s more, Thrive Market is also dedicated to keeping families everywhere stocked with healthy foods. Among its products, you will find gluten-free foods, organic food, and a litany of other health items.

Not only will you find a wide variety of healthy foods and specialty items, but also products like baby food, pet supplies, beauty products, and much more.

Membership Fees Compared

Thrive Market

Thrive Market isn’t all that different from other online marketplaces. To use Thrive’s services, you will need to sign up and pay a fee. When you do so, you will gain access to Thrive’s huge selection of products.

To become a member with Thrive, there is an annual fee of $59.95, which comes out to only $5 a month. If you don’t think you will need Thrive Market every month, you can opt to pay a per-month monthly fee.

This fee comes out to nearly double what you pay as a yearly member, at $9.95 a month. As such, if you think you will use Thrive Market more than 6 months out of the year, the annual membership makes the most financial sense.

And since you can potentially save up to 50% on Thrive Market products, the cost is a bargain any way you look at it.

Grove Collaborative

To shop with Grove Collaborative, there is no fee. The only thing you pay is a flat delivery rate of $4.99. The great thing about the delivery fee is that it doesn’t matter how large your orders are – the delivery fee stays the same no matter what.

Now, with that being said, Grove Collaborative does offer a special VIP membership that you can take advantage of if you prefer. For $19.99 a year, for a full year of membership, you automatically get free delivery on all orders.

If you shop with Grove Collaborative a lot, or you need the products that they carry, this is a huge benefit. VIP members are also eligible to receive up to four free gifts when they place an order.

As such, you stand to earn a lot of freebies when you sign up for a Grove Collaborative membership.

Does this tip the tide in their favor? Well, not quite. As nice as it is to get your orders delivered for such a low price (and potentially free), Thrive simply offers more items compared to Grove.

As such, we have to give the nod to Thrive for keeping our cabinets and fridge stocked with affordable health foods.

True, there is a relatively expensive upfront membership with Thrive Market. But when you factor in the fact that you’re likely to earn that back over the course of your yearly membership, it’s hard to knock Thrive for charging $59.95 a year.

Is Thrive Worth It?

Not only do you save by shopping with Thrive Market, but you also get the added benefit of begin able to do your grocery shopping at home. In a time when many people are looking for ways to stays out of brick-and-mortar stores, Thrive Market is more than ideal.

Thrive Market keeps you out of the grocery stores. Instead, you browse their huge online catalog and place your order via a streamlined and easy-to-use website.

And thanks to Thrive wholesale prices, you can look forward to saving a substantial amount of money compared to other shopping options.

Is Thrive Market Better Than Amazon?

It depends on what you need. You might not find the same brands featured on Amazon, but you can find many of the same kinds of products as those offered on Thrive Market. But let’s be honest. No one can touch Amazon in terms of volume.

That said, Amazon doesn’t sell Thrive Market’s private label products. And for many customers, that’s what makes Thrive such a hit.

They offer private label foods and household products that you can’t get anywhere else. And when you factor in the huge savings offered by Thrive Market, it just makes sense to shop with them instead.

Granted, there are some items you’ll save money on by going with Amazon.

But by and large, you can do the majority of your shopping with Thrive, save money, and get your order delivered in 2 to 3 business days.

And the Thrive Market brand cannot be overlooked. The company produces some truly excellent products, from foods to household items.

Is Thrive Market Owned by Amazon?

It is not, and that’s what makes Thrive so beloved by its customers. The more competition that Amazon has, the better. It’s no secret that they have put many companies out of business. So when you see hits like Thrive Market come along, it’s refreshing, to say the least.

What’s more, Thrive Market continues to increase its inventory. Within just a few years, the company has more than doubled the items it carries, ensuring that you have a better chance of finding everything you need through them.

Compared to Grove Collaborative, there really is no comparison. Sure, Grove has some decent products and its delivery platform is excellent. but when it comes to convenience, you can’t beat shopping with Thrive.

Thrive Market’s Benefits

Thrive offers a lot of benefits. They are what makes the member’s fee worth the investment. As a Thrive member, you are going to save.

You get a wide variety of specialty items and private label foods. And you can potentially save up to 50% over retail prices on some items.

Whether you’re paying $5 or $10 a month, the incredible 50% savings are tough to beat. And then there’s the free shipping. Being a Thrive customer, you get free delivery when your order equals $49 or more.

Furthermore, first-time members need to just spend a minimum of $25 on their first order to get free shipping.

Scheduled Shipping

As a paid customer, you also get access to scheduled shipping. Members who use scheduled shipping can look forward to the products of their choice being delivered on a timely basis.

As such, you will never run out of your favorite foods when you use this service.

Thrive Market is also known for its outstanding customer service. What’s more, there is a massive online community that shares recipes, offers advice, and provides assistance if you run into any trouble.

When you put all of these together, you’re looking at a powerhouse company that ensures customer satisfaction.

And in this day and age, you have to have customer satisfaction. As such, Thrive Market is much more than a health food store.

It is a community-backed platform that works to put healthy foods in the cupboards of the people.

If you’re still unsure whether Thrive is a good fit for you, they offer a free trial membership that lets you try it out for 30 days. If you don’t like it, you’re not out anything.

Bottom Line

Grove Collaborative does a really nice job of offering a wide variety of beauty and health products. However, this isn’t anything that Thrive isn’t already doing.

And when you factor in the help that Thrive Market offers to local communities, you’re looking at a clear winner over Grove Collaborative.

It’s hard to compare the two when Thrive is essentially doing the very same thing as Grove, only better. Most people are going to be happy paying the member’s fee with Thrive knowing that they’ll get that back over the course of their shopping.

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